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In Memory of Finna


From space, the planet is blue. From space, the planet is the territory, not of humans, but of the whale.
~Heathcote Williams


  Many have been hunted to near extinction - some may never recover. Only recently have we learned more about the largest animal to have ever lived, or about the whale that composes songs year after year.
  We've been entranced for years by the bottlenose's smile and stand in awe of the largest dolphin - orca - the top predator of the ocean that is friendly to man.
  The smallest family, these shy and retiring cetaceans are often overlooked. Dive into their world to learn more about them.
  Learn more about cetaceans in general frequently asked questions, scientific classifications, myths and legends, and careers with marine mammals.
  Talk and discuss cetaceans with others on the Whale Web forums!
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